Dr. Patti Meyer

About Patti

Patti Meyer has worked in higher education since 1985 in a variety of roles in and out of the classroom. She has worked with operations staff (as a facility manager), with administrative staff (as a campus reservations manager and with admissions), with undergraduate and graduate student leaders (as a program manager), and with undergraduate students (as an anthropology lecturer). In the Bay Area, Patti administratively supported an NSF-funded, Bay Area-based initiative to improve science training for K-12 teachers, coordinated the Women’s Health Internship program at the National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health at UCSF, and advised pre-med students for five years at UC Berkeley, where she supported an array of career services.

For the past five years Patti has worked as a career counselor for Postdoctoral scholars, PhD students, and early career scientists, most recently at LBNL. She is interested in providing well-timed relevant programs, useful web-based resources and one-on-one counseling that helps individuals take practical steps to develop and move forward on their career path.