The Postdoc Retirement workshop is held every month with the Lab's Fidelity representative, Nancy Pargot. All meetings will take place on Fridays, from 1:00 - 2:00 PM.

Upcoming workshops:

Postdocs are automatically enrolled in the UC Defined Contribution Safe Harbor Plan upon hire. Postdocs contribute a mandatory 7.5% of their regular salary, in lieu of paying into Social Security. 

Your deductions are saved in your retirement plan as noted above. You can view your account balance and make investment decisions on Fidelity’s webpage

Upon leaving the Lab and UC system, you will be allowed to withdraw or rollover your account to another eligible retirement savings plan (e.g. 401K, 403B, etc.) 

Postdocs who are non-residents are exempt from this deduction, until they are considered a resident for tax purposes. 

For more information on your UC Defined Contribution Safe Harbor Plan, we recommend you attend the next retirement workshop (see calendar).

Questions regarding your resident status for tax purposes can be directed to Sui Jen, Senior Payroll Specialist at or x 7166.