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Sick Leave

Side Letter – Special Lab Transition


Effective October 1, 2017, Lab Postdoctoral Scholars shall no longer accrue sick leave
under RPM Section 2.09 and shall be fully covered by Article 23 – Sick Leave. The Lab
shall rollover the remaining RPM sick leave balance on November 1, 2017.

Upon initial appointment, a Lab Postdoctoral Scholar shall receive 12 sick days prorated
to September 30 of the fiscal year in which they are appointed.

On October 1 of each year, every Lab Postdoctoral Scholar shall receive 12 sick days.
The University shall carry forward any unused sick leave on this date.

Month Hired Days:

Nov 11 days
Dec 10 days
Jan 9 days
Feb 8 days
Mar 7 days
April 6 days
May 5 days
June 4 days
July 3 days
Aug 2 days
Sept 1 day