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Personal Time Off

Side Letter- Special Lab Transition

Effective November 1, 2016, Lab Postdoctoral Scholars shall receive 22 days in accordance with Article 17- Personal Time Off. Lab Postdocs who are hired after October 1, 2016, Article 17 shall have PTO pro-rated by the number of months less than one year to September 30.

Month Hired Pro-rated PTO

Nov 22 days
Dec 20 days
Jan 18 days
Feb 16 days
Mar 14 days
April 12 days
May 10 days
June 8 days
July 6 days
Aug 4 days
Sept 2 days

On October 1 (start of the new Fiscal year) of each year, every Lab Postdoctoral Scholar shall receive 24 days PTO in accordance with Article 17 – Personal Time Off. Personal time off not used within the 12-month period(by the end of the fiscal year, September 30) is not carried over into a subsequent appointment year. Personal time off not used when the Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment concludes, including when a Postdoctoral Scholar leaves the appointment prior to the established appointment end date, remains with the University.